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"How do you find time to write?"  everyone asks.

Books I reread (even though I don't reread)
Creatives I want to be like when I grow up
Margot Davidson - for a beautiful homeschool experience

My answer: "The same way my mother found time to sew - a stitch here and a stitch there. I write two hours a day, every day, broken into 15-minute snippets, or an hour during nap time or once the kids are in bed. 

I also often reply: "How do you NOT find time to write or sew or sing or create what you're meant to create?"  

Don't you know your art will inspire your family? Don't you realize your very best ideas will arrive in the middle of interruptions? They'll come when you walk away from the computer to change a diaper or nurse a baby. And that idea that comes to you while you're standing in the dark - it's yours. No one can take it from you. The dishes will get dirty again, but you'll still have your magical idea...


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Movies that spoke to me recently

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