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"You have no choice -- you HAVE to be our Princess Leia," Simeon demanded with a lightsaber in hand.

"I'd been waiting for you to ask," I replied & dashed to the attic to find purple earmuff-buns.

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Love that part about God speaking to a fish in the story of Jonah. Also love this impulse buy - best $60 I've spent in a while. Got us through a Labor Day that would have felt all too laborious without it.

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"To some all Nature appears but the thinnest veil through which a mysterious Presence can be felt and almost seen, a vestment that clothes, half-revealing, half-concealing, a great Personality." -- B.W. Maturin / photo: my little brother, Andy; taken today on his morning run; sometimes Andy runs 31 miles for important causes like keeping schools safe from gun violence. I love Andy.

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