• Robsdottir

"To some all Nature appears but the thinnest veil through which a mysterious Presence can be felt and almost seen, a vestment that clothes, half-revealing, half-concealing, a great Personality." -- B.W. Maturin / photo: my little brother, Andy; taken today on his morning run; sometimes Andy runs 31 miles for important causes like keeping schools safe from gun violence. I love Andy.

  • Robsdottir

You'd have to be here as a brother or a mother to see how much a cousin makes the world shine brighter. Even through the rain.

  • Robsdottir

“I always think that something will happen to Someone Else,” he said with his eyes wide to the world, “but to Someone Else, I’m Someone Else, so that something is going to happen to me.”

And then he comforted me, placing his tiny hand in mine, helping me carry the heavy weight of the moment.  

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